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e3-imagines-shipps said: If u turned maddys imagines into a fanfic i would TOTALLY read it they are really good!!!!!!!

i was actually thinking about that earlier this week… I don’t if I should.

Hiiii[: I was wondering if I could get a Jack imagine .. my name is kali andi was wondering if it could be like after an argument or something like that lol [: you’re a great writer! keep it up, Amber

A/N: thanks! its means a lot!


I couldn’t believe that after being together for almost 4 years, I was single. I knew he had jealousy issues, but to accuse me of cheating on him with his own band mate and best friend Zack, was really ridiculous. I’d never cheat on Jack. I loved him and I couldn’t live without him! Jack is what kept me going. Yeah, sure he acted like a 5 year old but that’s what I loved about him. He was just so care free and so relaxed. He even didn’t care what others thought of him.


I was home alone making Jack’s favorite. I’ve spent all day in the kitchen and it was getting a little to toasty for comfort, but I was determined to get the dish done on time for Jack. I was almost done when I hear a car door outside. that must be Jack! I thought. I was right because it was Jack. But Jack didn’t look like Jack. Jack looked like he was mad, angry even.

"Babe, I made your favorite!" I said smiling. "Babe what’s wrong?"

"Why?" Jack said looking at the game on the tv.

"Why what?"

"Why must you think it’s okay to cheat on me with my band mate and best friend Zack?" Jack said getting more angry.

"Jack, what makes you think I cheated? Because I love you and ONLY you!" I said getting kinda upset. I couldn’t believe he’d think that.

"I heard from someone that you were with him! DON’T DENY IT KALI!!!" Jack screamed. It took me back a little because Jack never screamed at me like that before.

"So you’re going to believe them over your girlfriend of almost 4 years? that’s kinda sorta petty…" I said sighing.


"NO I’M NOT FUCKING CHEATING YOU JACK BASSAM BARAKAT! and I hate that you’re believing someone else rather than me"



"I’m serious Kali. Pack your shit and get out!" Jack said pointing down the hall that leads to our bedroom. "I’ll give you about 2 hours so get to it!"

With that being said, I walked to our room and packed all my belongings. I packed all the pictures. I packed everything that was mine. I took one last look around the room and saw Jack’s favorite sweater. I quickly packed in a suitcase and left Jack…


So here I was, on a Friday night alone in my old bedroom at my moms looking at pictures of me and jack. Its been about 2 months since he broke things off with me. I couldn’t move on. I just couldn’t. Something told me he’d come back to me. After all you know what they say, If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.

"Hun, I can’t see you like this anymore. You’re barely eating and barely drinking!" my mom said concerned. I get it that she’s concerned, but she doesn’t understand my pain.

"But I’m not hungry Mom" I said looking at my favorite picture of Jack. It was of us at the beach watching the sunset.

"Yes you are. I know you are" my mom said shutting my door and sitting next to me. "I know the pain you’re feeling" I looked at my mom shocked.

"Do you really?"

"Yes. It was with a guy before your father and I was together. I was dating this good guy named Richard. He was just so sweet and incredible and he treated me with respect. But then I met your father on a shift at the diner. We instantly connected and became really good friends. But Richard didn’t like that I was hanging out with another man. Over a few months of meeting your father, Richard had become mean, jealous and even abusive. I lived everyday in fear. I almost died when one night he came home drunk. I was lucky that I got ahold of a phone and called 911" My mom said in tears. I guess my mom knew what I was going though a little bit.

"Momma, why didn’t you tell me this before?" I said holding my mom in my arms.

"I didn’t want you to think I wasn’t strong enough. I wanted you to think that I could do anything. I wanted you to look up to me and think "my mom is the strongest mom out there!" My mom cried into chest some more.

"Mom, you are the best mom I could ever ask for! You’re so strong for telling me this!" I smiled. Maybe things wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe I can get over Jack like my mom got over Richard. But deep down, I knew I still loved Jack. But I was going to try to get over him…


Well? I think I like this one! I hope you all like it. I hope I get more request! don’t be afraid to drop a request in my ask box!

Amber :)

kaliisammm4346 said: Well, uhm, maybe he thinks you're flirting with Zack...¿ and he like over reacts about it

i’ll try to get started on after my geometry homework. if its not up through the week then it shall be up sometime this weekend

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Okay.. is there anything you’d like to add to that? I seem to be having trouble starting it your imagine

Can you make a part 2 for Maddys imagine that was really good

A/N: here’s part two of this imagine Request for Maddy . I’m glad you like it!


part one:



It’s been seven months since that little spat with Keaton. I wish I hadn’t of left that Keaton that day. I know he didn’t mean to hit me, but I just wanted to leave to reassure myself that it wouldn’t happen again. Four months after leaving Keaton, I started to date again. I thought maybe dating would help me get over him. But I WAS WRONG. I wish I hadn’t of met Dylan. Dylan was a sweetheart at first, but then he -all of a sudden- got jealous because I was talking to Wes and Drew through phone call and text messages. We had our arguments over this. I kept on telling him that Wes and Drew were only friends and that there was nothing going on between us. But of course with him being extremely jealous, he didn’t believe a damn word I said. Which takes me back to me saying I wish I hadn’t of met Dylan. He’d always go out with his friends and come home drunk around 2 or 3 am. He’d always smack and punch me around like a rag doll.  He’d leave me on the floor to suffer in pain while he went to bed. And then the next morning he’d ask me how the hell I got stratched and bruised up. I say “I got them from you” and he would of course say “I didn’t do shit to you!” then the whole throwing and hitting me around like a rag doll would start over…

Its around 2 am and guess who isn’t home yup, Dylan. He’s been out with his boys almost every night this week. I just want him to spend a little time with me. Maybe that will help heal this relationship. Hell, who am I kidding. NOTHING can fix this piece of shit of a relationship. I really wanted to get away from him. But I’m scared to break up with him because I tried to do that 2 months ago when I knew this was going to get bad. I’m laying in bed tossing and turning when I hear the front door open. I gulped getting ready for a beating because that’s the way he does these days. I could hear his heavy feet stomp through the hall. He opened the door and I noticed he had blood on his white V-neck shirt. He probably got into a fight at the bar I thought. I made the mistake of rolling my eyes.

"DID YOU JUST ROLLYOUR EYES AT ME BITCH?" Dylan yelled at me. I didn’t answer I just rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

"ANSWER ME YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Dylan yelled at me again. He then walked over to the bed and yanked me out of the bed by my hair. He then tossed me against the wall. I swore I heard a crack when I hit the wall. Dylan then began to get down on top of me and punch my face. I felt something drip out my nose. That’s when I knew I had broke my nose when he tossed me against the wall. Once he was done punching me, Dylan began to kick me in the ribs. Blow after blow. More punches after punches. I took it all in agony. Dylan then pulled out a small-ish pocket knife.

"Please, Please don’t stab me. Don’t you think you’ve done enough?" I beg him.

"Oh so you talk now?" Dylan smirked "I don’t think I’ve done enough. Don’t you think?"

"NO NO NO PLEASE DON’T" I scream out. But it was to late, he had stabbed me in my leg, right hip, and left shoulder. I was quickly loosing blood. I Knew this was it. I was going to die scared, and alone. But I wasn’t done living life yet. So I hope god spares me and lets me live.


I faintly smile knowing someone was here to take this mean, abusive man away. He was never going to hurt another girl again. Then the cops busted in and arrested Dylan on the spot. As officers was escorting him away and as I was going to unconsciousness, I saw shadows and I could faintly hear

"Its going to be okay!"


If this is happening to you, please tell someone! its never happened to me, but I’d hate it if someone was abused to death if they didn’t get help! You can’t be scared. Be Free of your abuser. GET HELP before its to late…

But anyway, well? I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE. Don’t forget to request if you want a imagine. I won’t bite! :) there could possibly be a part three? while I was writing this, I was thinking I could turn this into a fanfic. Would anybody read it? let me know if I should…

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Anonymous said: Hiiii[: I was wondering if I could get a Jack imagine .. my name is kali andi was wondering if it could be like after an argument or something like that lol [: you're a great writer! keep it up, Amber

Hayyy! :D ZOMFG! you know my name! lol But thanks! its means a lot! but I need a way to contact you when its done!

e3-imagines-shipps said: Can you make a part 2 for Maddys imagine that was really good

I sure can! And thank you. But it will have to wait til the weekend.

imaninjayarr said: Could you do an All Time Low gif preference about how each of them hug and/or kiss you. =) It would be amazing if ya did! =D

Sure can! Make sure to tell others about me! :D

Can i have a keaton imagine where we get in a fight and he hits me and my name is maddy i love purple penguins and me! I’m very vain! I’m also in a band called the unknown (unofficial)

A/N: Good luck with your band! :D


Keaton was late. VERY LATE. Keaton told me to get all dressed up and meet him at the restaurant. So I got all dolled up and pretty like he said to. I’ve been waiting for Keaton for almost a hour and half. I got NO text message, NO phone calls, NO nothing letting me know he was going to be late. I swear if I found he’s been with Kayla, I’ll brake up with him. Me and Keaton have had arguments about Kayla and all of them would end with him sleeping on the couch. But from what Wes told me, Kayla was nothing but a slut who cheated on Keaton not once not twice but three times. And when Kayla found out about me, she told me all this bullshit lies to get me to brake up with him. Wes also tells me that I make Kayla jealous.

"Excuse me mam but were closing.." A waiter said. Well there goes me and Keaton’s special one year date.

"Ok" I said. I tried not to say it with attitude.

"Were very sorry that your boyfriend didn’t show…"

"Yeah, whatever" I said getting up and leaving. Once I was in the car, I pulled out my phone and began to tweet.

@(Y/T/N): My night did not go as planned. I’m super pissed off at you @KeatonStromberg. You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.

~At Home~

As soon as I got home I see Keaton’s car parked outside. I was furious. Did he purposely forget our anniversary? I got the car and marched inside to see Keaton watching Family Guy.

"KEATON WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?!?!" I yelled at him.

"I was with Kay-"

"Who you was Kayla?! WHY WAS YOU WITH KAYLA?"

"Its nothing babe"




Keaton just stared at me.I see Keaton’s fist ball up. Then I feel stinging sensation across my cheek. Keaton had punched me. Our arguments never went this far. I quickly shuffled off the floor and to our room. I grabbed my phone and called Wes.


"W- Wes"

"Maddy calm down. What happened?"

"K- Keaton hit me"

"He what?"

"He hit me Wes! He also stood me up on our anniversary dinner!"

"Maddy, calm down and me and Drew will talk to him"

"Thanks Wes"


This is a very good ending. I know that it isn’t but I feel like there could be a part two to this imagine. And I know Keaton would NEVER hit a girl.